A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.

Department Store Diaries: Day ?

“Aw man. You’re really leaving us? You weren’t even here that long.” The scary vampire coworker and I were shopping in the clearance for a good deal while we “re-sizing the merchandise.”

“Yeah, I was only supposed to be here for the summer, but hopefully I can get another position at the store near my college.” I picked up a tank top that was $1.97 and stuffed it into my pants pocket to purchase later.

“And we just started to talk too. This sucks.”

“Well hey. If I end up back in this town next summer, maybe I’ll try and get my job back.”

To be honest, I had fun in this small amount of time that I worked at this particular department store. I had met really interesting people, have gotten to know the ends and outs of running a large department store, I’ve been put in the most awkward situations, and I kind of secretly wanted to do it longer than the what I actually did, not for the money—well yeah—really only for the money, but my experiences weren’t really all that bad.

I picked up my pay check the next day and waved goodbye to a few of the associates that I happened to walk by. It was weird walking in to the store for the last time as an employee. It’s like a veil has been uplifted from your eyes only to be shut again. I could never (or at least for a while) just waltz in and hide in coat racks instead of doing work without looking absolutely mental.

I stopped by the break room to grab my locker stuff.

“Hey kid. I hear ya leavin?” An employee, who was only about a year older than me and who still referred to me as “the kid,” looked a little sad to see me go.

“Yeah, I’m going back to school for the year. This was just a summer thing.” I started to walk out towards the front doors.

“Well good luck out there kid. We’ll miss ya here I guess.” The employee turned around and began eating her crunchy Frito filled sandwich again.

And with that send-off, I left for the last time out through the front doors securely clutching my paycheck (I didn’t want to get mugged being in a ghetto area and all). I guess I would kind of miss that place too.

Read the madness from the beginning.

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