#OctPoWriMo: Oct 19th-21st

beautiful blooming blur, green thumb

OctPoWriMo #19: Joy 

Pure joy can’t be kept hidden by you for long. 
You end up spilling  
the bits and pieces of happiness  
with everyone around you. 
You smile warmly  
and spread your contagious laughter around. 
You can fill a room of cold silence  
with love that can thaw the hardest of hearts. 

OctPoWriMo #20: Pisces 

You’re always willing to help others. 
Your kind words flow like cool refreshing water  
emanating eternal empathy;  
expressing extraordinary emotions. 
You are intuitive and thoughtful. 
Pisces, you display your artistic talent  
in the dresses you have made, 
The food you prepare,  
and the stories you tell. 

OctPoWriMo #21: Green Thumb 

There’s a secret sea of green  
flooding a room in your home. 
Where leaves sprout and stretch  
their limbs in every direction. 
They grow tall with the love  
and care that you so gently give  
as you water and whisper to them  
in your kind voice. 
Cacti and fern. 
Flowers that span the spectrum  
of the brilliant colors of the rainbow. 
Your green thumb continues  
to produce and care for new life. 
I smile when I walk past  
the potted plants in the window.

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