The Department Store Diaries: Day 1

As a recently hired customer service associate, I spent five hours on Monday sitting in on cheesy acting, ridiculously cheap graphics, and terrible raps about department store safety. At times I thought that I was going to gouge my eyes out, but instead the gal sitting next to me kept me entertained with her random [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 12)

“Dammit Jasmine! What is that smell?!” my sister yelled from across the house. “F#ck! The cookies are burning!” I had leapt into action and ran toward the kitchen when the pungent smell really hit me. I managed to turn the oven off as I simultaneously opened its door to a wall of billowing smoke. “Oh [...]

Writer’s Block

There I am sitting in front of my computer with my finger tips resting along the familiar home row keys. It’s three in the morning and my eyes are blood-shot red from a mix of frustration and dreadful exhaustion. For a moment the world has stopped but the minute hand on the clock is swirling [...]

“There Once Was A Girl”

There once was a girl who walked the path everyday through the evergreen woods. She wore her hair in a wavy mess that grazed the top curvature of her breast ever so lightly. On that cool fall morning, with the fog still hovering over the horizon, the young girl continued her habitual migration into the [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 11)

I've been here before a few times And I'm quite aware we're dying And your hands they shake with goodbyes And I'll take you back if you'd have me So here I am I'm trying So here I am are you ready Come on let me hold you touch you feel you Always Kiss you [...]

Chained to a Task Worth Telling

There’s something about just listening to people’s lives and transforming them into entertaining stories. Without knowing it, I have been practically doing this to people all of my life. I’ll take real life situations in the news and media, eavesdrop on strangers, and watch people as they live their lives as passersby, but it wasn’t [...]

The Beast With The Red Eyes

I told her camping wasn't a very good idea. Not in this town—and not on a night like this. Our town was known for the strange and macabre and on a full blooded moon in a town like that, something was most likely about to happen. It was around midnight when our cuddling session on that chilly [...]

Frozen In Time

I still remember finding an old photograph of two very small children left in the back of our kitchen drawer when my family and I moved into our house. The photo paper was crinkling at the corners and humid weather conditions seeping into the house helped damage the picture that was forgotten and left out [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

25 days...

Oregon Or Bust (Part 10)

Something told me that the last week of school was going to be insane, but no amount of foretelling prepared me for waking up that Sunday morning. “Hey. Is everything ok?” I asked my friend. While, with my own guy the night before, I had received a drunken call from my friend who I met [...]