A Little Mulch of Letters: Part 4- Love And Other Stuff

My best friend told me that she had felt safe in the sturdy arms of this Ethan’s embrace. She couldn’t help but let out a warm smile when all of their shared childhood memories came flooding back into her mind. It was incredibly obvious that they possessed mutual feelings of deep attraction between them.

But that was then.

Over the course of a year Ethan had come to California, went back to Oregon and helped Jessica see that the other boy, who drank heavily, wasn’t the best thing for her. Between the Danielle Steel-esque relationship drama, class, work and multiple jobs, Jessica had a little piece of her heart taken away to Oregon after that. She knew, however, that in the end that all of the drama was worth it and that it wasn’t a bust.

We all lived and learned from everything that took place and the feeling that a little piece of her heart was taken away soon faded after realizing that maybe they weren’t the best for each other either. In fact, after another encounter with a boy that taught my friend many life lessons, Jessica found her current boyfriend who she has been going out with for almost a year now.

TJ was a tall and very intelligent country guy totally in love with the idea of becoming a mechanic, cars, and most notably Jessica. By the end of the third day of my stay in my small country town Jessica, TJ and I all went out to dinner to get to know one another.

“I’m so happy! I get to have my two favorite people finally meet each other!” my best friend squealed in excitement.

I watched the couple interact, sneaking in quick kisses and adorable swift hugs. This sounds really cheesy, but it really tugged at my heart strings and made me miss my boyfriend. Even as the young couple hugged each other I couldn’t help but try and stop myself from hugging the two of them.

I could tell that they truly loved each other and that the duo was far better off together than any of Jessica’s other relationships. I could comfortably look back on her past relationships and see how, no matter how crazy they were, they helped her learn something new and realize other things about herself that she hadn’t recognized before.

I’m still a strong believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason, and that night I was able to see the turn of events that led up to the couple’s loving-embrace. In my mind—nothing was a bust.

Read the journey from the very beginning and then start A Little Mulch of Letters from the top.

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