Haunted Trails: Part 3 of 3

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Haunted Trails Part 3I waited for him to emerge, but assumed he was just going to jump out and scare me when I went over there instead.

“Matt! I’m not going in there, so whatever you’re planning won’t work!”

I waited for a response, but I never heard an answer. Damn it, Matt, I thought to myself. I dropped my bag next to Matt’s and walked through the grass and over to the building to get him to head home with me. The whole night was not the way I planned it to be, and I wanted it to end. When I got to the front of the house, I pushed the door open and scanned my light across the empty room.

“Matt?” I whispered. “Where are you?” Continue reading “Haunted Trails: Part 3 of 3”

Haunted Trails: Part 2 of 3

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Haunted Trails Part 2

Don’t look back! Don’t look back!

All I could think about was making a break for it, but my flashlight was shining on a rock in the middle of nowhere with a message telling me not to.

“What do we do?” I said.

Matt looked up and into the ravine, “I’m a little curious now. Do you want to try hiking a little further?”

“You have terrible reading comprehension.”

Matt chuckled a little. “Let’s go.” Continue reading “Haunted Trails: Part 2 of 3”

Haunted Trails: Part 1 of 3

Haunted Trails Part 1I heard the crushing and movement of the tiny bits of gravel from underneath the tires of our Jeep Cherokee. Matt then shifted the gear into park as the sun allowed the last bit of rays of the day peak out behind the nearby mountains. I heard all eight cylinders of the engine winding to a crawl as I jumped out of the Jeep and shut the door. Matt followed after gathering the gear for the night’s hike.

I adjusted my bag so that if fit pretty snug on my shoulders after retrieving my flashlight. “Are you sure we can be out here?” I asked Matt who was now doing the same.

Matt smirked at me as he rounded the back of the Jeep. “You’re not chickening out on me, Claire? Are you?” Continue reading “Haunted Trails: Part 1 of 3”

Shock Wave: Part 25- The End


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“That’s it,” Cindy said looking out at the tall Oregon trees stretching out in front of us along the road.

“Wait what?”

“That’s the story.”

“You must be joking,” I said. “Did they at least get away?”

“They did.”

“How, what happened?” Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 25- The End”

Shock Wave: Part 24- You Remember


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Sarah ran to the edge of the forest where it met with the next town over. She paused to sift through Kimi’s files for an address and locked eyes with it. She only had a limited amount of time to find her, convince her to follow her if she didn’t recognize her and runaway back to the truck so they could, once again, escape. Sarah knew that this was the right thing to do, because this was the only thing she could do. Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 24- You Remember”

Shock Wave: Part 23- The Real Story

More Downhill Driving

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We had about another hour from the town of Yreka before we made it to Ashland Oregon. I had driven so far from the Los Angeles area all the way to the very northern part of California with a mysterious hitchhiker, but I still felt a little uneasy about my situation. The story that Cindy had been telling me in the car had revealed a surprise, but I still wasn’t sure as to why we had to go to Oregon or whose lives were in danger. I hadn’t interrupted her for a while, but I just had to know what was going on.

“I knew that her husband and therapist were really up to something, but I didn’t expect all of this,” I said. “Is this story even real?” Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 23- The Real Story”

Shock Wave: Part 22- Lives Depend on Knowing

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Sarah’s life had changed in an instant and there was nothing anyone could do to reverse it back to the way she was living previously to this event. She had hard evidence suggesting that she was someone else and confirming her suspicions about her psychiatrist and “husband.” There was now only one mission and nothing else and it as obvious of where she was going and what she was trying to do. Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 22- Lives Depend on Knowing”

Shock Wave: Part 21- The Discovery


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The blue truck from her fleeting memories was staring back at her, and with no one near in sight, she backed away from the dusty window and around the side of the wooden structure to the door. Luckily it was left unlocked so Sarah just walked in to the broken down structure. It had to have sat dusty and untouched for quite a while because when she slid her finger across the hood of the vehicle it left a brighter and more vibrant blue underneath the now disturbed layer of filth. It didn’t make sense as to why anything would be hiding out here in the middle of the forest like this until another wave of a forgotten time rushed over her. Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 21- The Discovery”

Shock Wave: Part 20- A Piece of Her Soul

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All of the swirling thoughts of time that has passed and the images of a blonde-haired blue-eyed women sitting next to Sarah inside of a blue truck had forced an idea in her head that had been deeply seeded in the back of her mind. It was obvious how her husband and her psychiatrist were involved with her memory loss. Sarah knew that they were the ones responsible for it. They wanted her to forget something that was so much a part of her life and her being that it has nearly driven her to the state of madness. A piece of her soul has been partial ripped, and she was going to figure out how and why. Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 20- A Piece of Her Soul”

Shock Wave: Part 19- I Listened

Snow on the mountainsCatch up before you continue on with the story.

Cindy and I woke up the next morning and left the small motel in the town of Tracy behind after fueling up the gas tank and our bodies at what seemed like the town’s only gas station. We had roughly six hours left, of driving through the Northern part of California that everyone forgets about, before we could even cross the state boarder into Oregon and I wasn’t really sure where we were going after we got up there. The hitchhiking passenger in my car’s front seat was still being incredibly mysterious, and I still didn’t know anything about how she was related to this strange story. As we made our way back to the five-freeway I decided to make it my mission to find out more about the stranger sitting beside me. Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 19- I Listened”